Daye Health Platform (DHP)


We at Daye are conscious that when using the Daye Health Platform, our customers entrust their most intimate health-related concerns to us. This is why when developing and offering DHP and our vaginal microbiome screening service (“DHP”), we prioritize transparency to our customers and security of their information. The DHP Privacy Notice aims to inform you how Daye handles and protects your personal information if you use the services and products offered through DHP.

It is important that you read this document together with our Website Privacy Policy available at this link which contains more general information about how we process data about visitors of our website and Daye customers in general. 


  1. Important information and who we are

We are Anne’s Day Ltd., a company established in the UK under company number 11044785 (just “Daye”, “we” or “us”). Daye is made up of different legal entities across the globe so when we mention Daye in this document, we are referring to the relevant company in the Daye Company Group which provides the DHP services and products to you and is therefore responsible for the processing of your personal information.

For the purposes of data protection laws, we are the controller and responsible for your personal data when you use DHP. If you have any questions about this privacy notice or our data protection practices with regard to DHP please contact us at

  1.  The data we collect about you and how we use it

When you use DHP incl. any products or services offered on DHP, we will collect, use, store and transfer different kinds of personal information about you. The main types of information are:

Data category

What it is

How we will use it

Order ID

A randomly generated unique identifier for each test kit order placed on DHP Portal

To process and deliver your orders

Order details

Shipping address, contact details, goods or services purchased, etc.

To process and deliver your orders

Account ID

A randomly generated unique identifier assigned to every customer who has successfully registered on the DHP Portal. 

To identify you as a DHP customer and to allow you to log into your DHP account.

To obtain your medical ID once you log in the DHP Portal (see next row for what a Medical ID is).

Medical ID

A randomly generated unique identifier assigned to every customer for the purposes of our medical database. This identifier is linked to your Account ID via a separate database, and only you as an authenticated customer are able to obtain your Medical ID. This is a privacy-enhancing technique called pseudonymization which safeguards our customers’ identity and privacy when they use DHP.

To link the medical records in our medical database with customers without using direct identifiers. The medical ID will only be accessible to you, after you’ve authenticated yourself within the DHPl. No other accounts, even Daye admins will have access to this data.

Kit activation code/Barcode 

The kit activation code is a unique identifier assigned to the physical test kit you’ve ordered. This is a randomly generated number that allows Daye to attribute a test kit to a particular customer and to generate a barcode image which is printed as a label included in your kit. 

To link a particular physical test kit and sample to a customer and to allow you to obtain your lab test results when ready.

To allow the lab to submit the test results in Daye’s lab frontend system without knowledge of the customer’s identity. 

Screening Test Results

These are the results provided by the lab after analysis of the sample we’ve sent to them. The results are provided to us in a HTML format by the lab without any knowledge of your identity.

Test results will be recorded by Daye in our medical database and will be retrievable only by you as a holder of the activation code through the DHP Portal. 


Surveys we provide to you and the rest of our customers, and their results. 

To gain extra knowledge of our customers and their customer experience in order to provide you with a better treatment plan and to improve our services.  

We may collect the information above in different ways, including:

  • Directly from you, for example – when you fill in your health records or when you participate in surveys.

  • By generating it ourselves, e.g. our systems generate randomly your Medical ID, your Kit Activation Code, etc.

  • By receiving it from third parties, for example - laboratories we work with sharing your Screening Test Results with us.

  1. How we share your personal data

We will share your personal data with other entities part of the Daye Company Group insofar this is necessary for the delivery of the DHP services or for the management of our business.

We will also share your Kit activation code/barcode with the laboratories we work with for the purpose of analysing your sample. Remember - we won’t share any directly identifiable attributes (such as names and addresses) with the laboratory. 

We will share your personal data with other service providers of our choice insofar this is necessary for the provision of DHP products or services or where we have a lawful basis for that, e.g. - our hosting service provider – Google, healthcare specialists, accountants, etc. We will make sure that all those third-parties are bound by confidentiality undertakings and will not use your information in a way different than as described in this document.

Please note that we may anonymise your data and we may share it with other third parties in a format in which your data is no longer attributable to you as an individual. For more information, please see “Research” section of the DHP Terms and Conditions.

  1. International transfers

We will transfer, store and process your personal data outside the UK. 

When we do that, we will ensure compliance with the applicable rules on transfers of personal data to third countries. Particularly, when your personal data is stored or otherwise processed in a country that is not considered to offer an adequate level of protection to your personal data compared to UK standards, we will make sure the recipient of the data in that third country is bound by the standard contractual clauses as approved by UK Parliament and by any other supplementary safeguards necessary to ensure your personal information continues to enjoy the same level of protection as if still in the UK.  

  1. Your legal rights

Under certain circumstances, data protection laws grant you rights in relation to the information Daye holds about you as detailed in our Website Privacy Policy available here.

Please note that if you’d like to receive a copy of your health information or test results, Daye allows you to download a file with all that information through the DHP so you can then send it to your own doctor or print it for your own archives.

  1. Further details

If you are looking for more information on how we process your personal data including what your rights are, what are the data retention periods and lawful processing bases we rely on, etc. please consult our Website Privacy Policy available here.