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Bacterial vaginosis and thrush are common causes of unusual vaginal discharge.
Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are common causes of unusual vaginal discharge.Read study
75% of us will contract thrush during their lifetime and 1 in 3 will get BV.
75% of us will contract yeast infections during their lifetime and 1 in 3 will get BV.Read study
Both BV and thrush are caused by an imbalance in your vaginal microbiome and vaginal pH.
Both BV and yeast infections are caused by an imbalance in your vaginal microbiome and vaginal pH.Read study

Break the cycle

Wait, the vaginal micro-what?

The vaginal microbiome is the ecosystem of bacteria, yeasts and other microorganisms that live inside your vagina. When its balance is off, it’s vulnerable to infections and other gynecological health complications.

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Vaginal infections are far more common than people realise. A balanced vaginal microbiome is vital to ensure long term health and wellness.Dr Melanie K Bone

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Knowledge is power

Knowing what symptoms to look for can help you stay on top of infections.

Persistent itch
Fishy smell

It might be thrush

Thrush is harmless, but still uncomfortable AF. It happens when Candida albicans, a healthy yeast usually found in your body, grows out of control. Your immune system has the power to keep thrush at bay, but only if it’s supported by a strong microbiome.

What are the symptoms?

  • Thick, white, cottage cheese-like discharge
  • Burning or itching of the vagina
  • Burning sensation when you pee
  • Discomfort during sex
  • Why should I care?

    A healthy vaginal microbiome is associated with:

    A lower risk of recurrent vaginal infections like thrush and BV
    A lower risk of recurrent vaginal yeast infectionsRead study
    A lower risk of contracting STIs and pelvic inflammatory disease
    A lower risk of contracting STIs and pelvic inflammatory diseaseRead study
    A lower risk of having troubles conceiving and unsuccessful IVF
    A lower risk of having troubles conceiving and unsuccessful IVFRead study
    A lower risk of pregnancy complications and gynae cancers
    A lower risk of pregnancy complications and gynecological cancersRead study

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    Dies sind die guten Bakterien in deinem vaginalen Mikrobiom, die für die Abwehr von Infektionen verantwortlich sind. Eine geringe Anzahl dieser Bakterien kann verschiedene Probleme vorhersagen.

    Hefeähnliche Pilze

    Candida ist ein Pilz, von dem 75 % der Frauen betroffen sind. Er ist die häufigste Ursache für Hefepilzinfektionen wie Scheidenpilz.

    anaerobe Bakterien

    Diese Mikroorganismen sind die Ursache für Infektionen wie die bakterielle Vaginose (BV).

    Mykoplasmen und Ureaplasmen

    Dabei handelt es sich um Bakterien, die Entzündungen im unteren Urogenitaltrakt verursachen und Studien zufolge die Fruchtbarkeit beeinträchtigen können.

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