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Meet Daye Coated-infused tampons

Discover Daye Coated-coated tampons for the days when your period is cramping your style....Read more

The tampon, made better

Period blood showcasing how absorbent Daye's organic cotton tampons are


Daye tampons are designed to absorb all leaks, protecting your favourite pair of undies.

Daye organic tampons contain medical-grade Coated to act as alternative pain relief


Designed for a bloody good period, Daye’s lab-tested, medical-grade extract infused tampons are trusted by over 75,000 people.

illustration of a plant as a metaphor for Daye's organic and sustainable products


We only use 0% plastic, 100% organic fibers. Daye tampons are housed in renewable sugarcane applicators and the world’s only flushable wrappers.

test tube as a symbol for lab-tested and sanitized products


Daye tampons prevent vaginal fiber shedding, and are sanitized to remove the pathogens that cause TSS and infections. GMP and ISO1384 certified.


Backed by science

We work closely with our medical advisory board and a select group of clinical institutions to ensure our research gets an expert seal of approval.

Photo of Dr. Belinda Coker NHS doctor
“I use Daye’s tampons to help with my period symptoms. I find them useful especially at night. Their quality far exceeds other tampons that I’ve used.”
Dr. Belinda Coker
NHS Doctor
Photo of Dr. Melanie Bone ACOG certified OBGYN
“Daye’s ingenious tampons embody the integrated care model that has guided my medical career. They will change the way we manage period symptoms”
Dr. Melanie Bone
ACOG certified OBGYN
Raising industry standards with pharmaceutical-grade


The lack of regulation in the industry means that poor quality products have become the market standard. At Daye, we’re changing that and only use produced to pharmaceutical-grade standards. This means:

cannabis leaf showing that Daye products are THC-free


Our exclusive supplier has a patented technology for removing all THC from the final Coated extract. So no, our tampons will not get you high, and yes, you can go through TSA with them.

circular arrows symbolizing the sustainable production circle of Daye products

Clean production

Closed-loop + stainless steel production: all our machine components are made of stainless steel. The production is fully isolated from air and outside contamination.

bottle of Coated oil to showcase Daye uses a single supplier to ensure quality control

Single supplier

Our exclusive Coated supplier owns the entirety of their supply chain — from farm to bottle, ensuring they have unprecedented quality control over the final Coated extract.

Trusted by sceptics

Over 75,000 people have used Daye tampons. Here’s what they have to say:

photo of happy Daye blonde female customer holding tampon box
“I can finally make it out of bed on my period now”
photo of blonde female customer taking a selfie with Daye organic sustainable period pads
“The only period products I’ll ever use”
photo of fitness influencer showing Daye tampon box
photo of black female influencer holding Daye tampon box
Asian female model with tattoos holding Daye tampon box
female model with face mask holding Daye tampon box
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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Read all of our FAQs.

We don’t recommend using Coated tampons with CBD in any form if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. While there’s no evidence showing that CBD could have an impact on fertility or pregnancy, we prefer to err on the side of caution, as large scale studies on the matter have not yet been conducted.

We have conducted safety testing, including vaginal irritation, sensitization, microbiology and effect on TSS-toxins. While our studies have not been published yet, they have been reviewed by our Clinical Board. Human clinical trials have been completed and reviewed by independent clinicians as well. At present, regulatory authorities mandate that only prescription drugs should make their clinical evidence available to the general public. As we are not regulated as a prescription drug, we do not make our studies available publicly, so we can stay compliant with regulations. If you are a researcher and you'd like to review our data, please contact our customer care team and we'll send you a data pack.

Our Nude tampons will be slightly more expensive than most organic tampons to reflect the cost of sanitization, clean room manufacturing, truly sustainable packaging, and ethical production wages. We promise our extract infused tampons will always be less expensive than buying organic tampons and the equivalent strength of Coated oil together.

Our Nude tampons are made from 100% organic, and sustainably sourced cotton fibers. Our extract infused tampons comprise a proprietary formulation, which contains Coated, CBA, CBG and terpenes, but absolutely no THC. The extract we use is medical-grade, 30% concentration, and lab-tested for microbial contamination and content.

Your Coated tampon will have a color as we never bleach our Coated, and we only ever work with organic, non-synthetic .

The color might range from a light amber to a deep maroon, depending on the batch of CBD that has been used for your specific tampon. Please keep in mind that we test our tampons for their content, ensuring each of your tampons has the same amount of CBD.

We also test our tampons for microbial and heavy metal contamination, so while the color of your tampon might look unusual, it is perfectly safe as evidenced by our multiple rounds of clinical and lab tests.

Daye’s tampons and our production standards are certified under ISO13485, the global quality management system for medical devices.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to hello@yourdaye.com with any further questions.

With a monthly subscription, you get the most flexibility. You can cancel or pause anytime. It's the best option if you're still figuring out the perfect composition of your Daye box. Monthly subscriptions also come with 6% off the price of a one-off box. Multi-month subscriptions allow us to provide the highest possible discount on your tampon order. We currently have 2 options — a 3-month subscription, and a 12-month subscription. You can't cancel your order if you commit to a longer subscription, but you do benefit from a larger discount. With the multi-month subscriptions, you also save carbon emissions as we ship your boxes up-front in 3-month installments. Your box will be shipped with a tracked delivery service ensuring you know exactly when it will arrive. 

Yes, you can purchase a Daye gift card for the Daye fans in your life, or if you're not sure whether to gift someone our period care items, nourishing Hemp balm, or good-bacteria-rich ProViotics. If you have a friend that's been struggling with their period and you want to support them, but you are not sure what size or type of tampon they'd like, the gift card means you can show them you care, while letting them customize their own box. Learn more about our gift cards here.

Daye tampons are manufactured in accordance with medical device standards, including ISO13485 and GMP. In order for a diagnosis to be confirmed, test results from the Diagnostic Tampon should be considered by a licensed healthcare provider alongside a patient's symptoms and medical history. Like every other diagnostic test, lab results are not sufficient for a diagnosis. Daye offers customers the option to connect with independent CQC-regulated healthcare providers virtually and in-person for a confirmed diagnosis. All prescriptions and treatments provided through the Daye platform are issued by third-party, independent pharmacists, who are also regulated under CQC and GPhC.