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Not sure what your vagina needs?

Daye ConsultationsDaye Consultations

Take charge of your gynae health

Our sexual health nurses are here to discuss health goals, make sense of your symptoms and guide you to the right Daye products.

Period pain

Get personalised guidance on the causes of period pain and how to manage it.

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Vaginal & sexual health

Understand your overall vaginal health and how to optimise it.

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Fertility & conception

Looking to conceive or curious about fertility? Our nurses are here to help.

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(Peri) Menopause

Discuss symptoms, hormonal changes, concerns and next steps.

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Meet our nurses

Our dedicated team of gynae health experts are ready to support you on your journey to vaginal nirvana. Whatever your question, our nurses are here to give you personalised advice and make sure your gynae care journey is enhanced with the right Daye products.
Sarah Montagu
Sarah Montagu


Meet Sarah, our sexual & reproductive health nurse with over 15 years of expertise in the vaginal microbiome, recurrent infections, STIs, contraception, and menopause. If you struggle with any of these, she is here to help you find the root cause and give you the support and personalised approach you need to take control of your gynae health.

Sarah can help you with:

Sexually transmitted infections
Recurrent infections
Deborah Maguire
Paid consultation only
Deborah Maguire


Meet Deborah, a women's health nurse with over a decade of experience in gynaecology care and early pregnancy management. Whether you're navigating fertility concerns, early pregnancy management, or simply seeking advice on nutrition and hormone health, Deborah is your dedicated partner every step of the way.

Deborah can help you with:

Reproductive health
Donor conception
Hormonal health
Paid consultation
Want more than 10 minutes?

If you fancy a more in-depth consultation, you can book a 30 minute call with one of our nurses. 



Comprehensive review of your medical history and symptoms

Learn about the latest research and best gynae health practices, relevant for you

Get a personalised action plan, combining medical and holistic interventions

The consultations explained

one-time use only
Free consultation


Unlock the power of personalised health with Daye.

Discuss your symptoms and concerns in a confidential setting

Explore how Daye's services can address your specific needs

Get answers to your questions and determine if Daye is the right fit for you

Comprehensive consultation



Looking for an in-depth, personal approach to your gynae health? Our experienced Sexual & Reproductive health nurse is here to help you take charge of your health and make informed decisions.

Comprehensive review of your medical history and symptoms

Learn about the latest research and best gynae health practices, relevant for you

Get a personalised action plan, combining medical and holistic interventions

Still got questions?

Still have questions? Read all of our FAQs.

Anything gynae related! You might want to talk through your symptoms, concerns, or how our products can help you. We are here to help and guide you in your gynae health journey.

You and your gynae health expert will have plenty of time to discuss your symptoms, concerns in a more in-depth and personal approach. Our 30-minute consultations are ideal for you to take charge of your gynae health and make informed decisions. We’ll also help you with any products and lifestyle queries you may have.

No, there’s no need to prepare anything, but if you do have specific questions it will help you make the most out of your time with our nurses . For the 30-minute consultation, if you have had any recent GP tests you may like to have them to hand.

Check your email - can you see a confirmation email? That will ask you to select the date, time and type of appointment to book a video call.

Explore our products

We’re all about taking the guesswork out of gynaecology. Take a look at our science-backed products and solutions.

Daye tampons are manufactured in accordance with medical device standards, including ISO13485 and GMP. In order for a diagnosis to be confirmed, test results from the Diagnostic Tampon should be considered by a licensed healthcare provider alongside a patient's symptoms and medical history. Like every other diagnostic test, lab results are not sufficient for a diagnosis. Daye offers customers the option to connect with independent CQC-regulated healthcare providers virtually and in-person for a confirmed diagnosis. All prescriptions and treatments provided through the Daye platform are issued by third-party, independent pharmacists, who are also regulated under CQC and GPhC.