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Vagina Smells Candle

Limited edition candle, launching in celebration of our new vaginal microbiome screening s...Read more

100g soy wax candle, made with rose essential oils and housed in an endlessly recyclable aluminium tin. Expected to burn for 30 hours.

Your Vagina Smells Fine Candle

Your vagina smells fine!

The only thing ‘fishy’ about vaginal scent is the way women and AFAB individuals have been gaslit into thinking there’s something wrong with it.

For anyone who needs a daily reminder that their vagina smells totally normal, order one of our limited edition scented candles.

Your vagina is self-cleaning

In fact, the intimate wash industry and porn have made women feel so self-conscious, that 58% of them have turned down sex because they lacked confidence in their vaginal scent.

And next time you're thinking of turning down oral sex, just light the "Your Vagina Smells Fine" candle and know that our quality products have always got your back.

Introducing the Daye At-Home Vaginal Microbiome Screen

Understanding the balance of your vaginal microbiome is the first step towards taking control of your overall gynecological health.

*Aftercare options are subject to availability in your area. Additional fees are payable for some of these services.

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