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Daye Pads are Here


Daye Pads are Here

Hot off our production lines, meet the hyper-absorbent, super-sustainable Daye pad

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8th March 2022

We're so grateful to our community for constantly pushing us to do better by the environment, and by the bodies of people with periods. 

Over the past 3 years, we have been working hard behind the scenes to complete multiple rounds of product research and material innovation. We're now excited to announce that Daye pads are finally here. 

The absorbent core is made of organic bamboo fibers, replacing the petrol-derived materials typically found in pads today. Every Daye pad fully degrades within 192 days. 

Apart from being a genuinely sustainable material, organic bamboo is also hyper absorbent. The pad itself is thin and easy to apply to your underwear, yet it comes with a leak-proof guarantee. 


The base of the pad is made of bio-based corn, replacing the non-recyclable plastics used in pads. Using Daye pads means you prevent non-degradable plastics from ending up on our beaches or in our oceans. 


The pad is wrapped in the same bio-based material, further reducing the environmental impact of your period care (did you know that period care is a greater contributor to plastic waste than even coffee cups and straws combined?). 

Alongside our promise on absorbency and sustainability, the Daye pad is produced to medical device standards. This means you benefit from Daye's quality guarantee, which ensures our products are tested in independent labs to ensure they are free from microbial contamination, and as a result, they won't increase your risk of vaginal infections. Daye is one of the few female health companies to have an ISO13485 certification. This ensures our clinical and production standards are the same as those applied to heart stents, brain implants, and artificial limbs. 

Each Daye pad comes with our satisfaction guarantee - if the product doesn't work for you, we'll refund your purchase. Daye deliveries are also carbon neutral (that's included in the price of the product), helping you do that extra bit to do right by the environment.

Here's what our customers who had the chance to try our pads have to say:

"Most pads irritate my skin quite a bit, but the bamboo topsheet is so soft, I forgot I had a pad on!" 

"I used to have to stick two pads one behind the other to get through the heavier nights, but Daye's Night Plus pads are a gamechanger! I no longer dread going to bed on the first days of my period."

"The pad is super thin, so at first I wasn't sure if it would do much for my heavy flow. But WOW, it actually absorbed much better than the thick pads I'm used to and felt very dry and soft even after a few hours of use!"

Medical Device Engineer behind Daye's pads:

We believe menstruation shouldn’t make people with periods feel awkward, uncomfortable or vulnerable in any way. We created the Daye pad to prove that it’s possible. We looked beyond all of the industry bullsh*t of perfumed plastic pads with cotton balls on the packaging and focused on finding high-quality materials that simply make sense. The Bamboo top-sheet is not only extremely soft and 4x more absorbent than cotton, but has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The pad is made from biobased materials that protect you from leakage and the planet from petroleum-derived plastic, building up in the ocean and landfills. Finally, we created a pad design, shaped to protect you during the heaviest of days, but so thin you’d forget you were wearing one.

Join the waitlist to be the first to try our pads!

Daye tampons are manufactured in accordance with medical device standards, including ISO13485 and GMP. In order for a diagnosis to be confirmed, test results from the Diagnostic Tampon should be considered by a licensed healthcare provider alongside a patient's symptoms and medical history. Like every other diagnostic test, lab results are not sufficient for a diagnosis. Daye offers customers the option to connect with independent CQC-regulated healthcare providers virtually and in-person for a confirmed diagnosis. All prescriptions and treatments provided through the Daye platform are issued by third-party, independent pharmacists, who are also regulated under CQC and GPhC.