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Kick Cystitis to The Curb - Naturally

Kick Cystitis to The Curb - Naturally

Kick Cystitis to The Curb - Naturally

Tips for Keeping UTIs at bay

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Sabrina Bezerra, Erin Rommel and Ralitza Nikolova


27th February 2023

In their lifetime 1 in 5, women have a UTI (urinary tract infection) at some point. The condition is known to affect men too, but less commonly. Cystitis is an infection of the bladder that almost always comes after a bacterial infection in the urethra. It is the most common type of UTI, particularly in women and AFAB individuals. We have a shorter urethra so bacteria are more likely to reach the bladder and cause an infection. Most of the time help cystitis will clear up without traditional medication as long as you give yourself time to rest and drink plenty of fluids (3 liters or more a day). In worse cases, you’ll need a course of antibiotics, which can be as short as three days. In this guide, I will share some tips on natural ways to try and prevent a UTI, as well as treatments for cystitis to ease the symptoms and eventually get rid of it. 

Cystitis Symptoms Include:

Feeling the urge to urinate more often and urgently than usual

  • Pain, stinging, or a burning sensation when you urinate
  • Pain in your lower tummy 
  • Cloudy, dark, or strong-smelling urine

When it may be a good idea to see a doctor if this article’s recommendations don’t help:

  • Your cystitis symptoms are severe e.g. strong, persistent pain in your lower tummy
  • Symptoms have not subsided within 3 days
  • If you had antibiotics but the symptoms are still present 
  • You have cystitis symptoms and you're pregnant or you're a man
  • Your cystitis symptoms recur more than once a year are reoccurring 
  • Your child has symptoms of cystitis

It is advisable you seek urgent assistance if you experience the following as it could be an indication you have a kidney infection,  which could impact your health severely if left untreated.

You have symptoms of cystitis and:

  • You are confused, drowsy, or have difficulty speaking
  • You are feeling, or actually being, sick
  • You haven’t been able to urinate all-day
  • You have severe pain in your lower tummy or back or just under the ribs
  • You have a very high or very low temperature
  • There is blood in your urinate

Antibiotics do help but it is advisable to use them after trying self-help methods first, as if you have cystitis regularly, you wouldn’t want your body to become immune to the suggested antibiotics caused. If unsure, always consult a doctor. 

How to prevent UTI

  • Steer away from drinking acidic drinks that can irritate your bladder, such as coffee, tea, synthetic drinks, fruit juices, alcohol, and sugary drinks
  • Go and pee whenever you feel like it, don’t hold it in
  • Avoid acidic, processed, sugary, and spicy food, as it can trigger cystitis and make the symptoms worse
  • Avoid using any vaginal douches, sprays, or perfumes, as they can cause irritation
  • Wear cotton underwear, synthetic can cause you to sweat, which will make you feel uncomfortable and increase the risk of pathogens infecting your urethra. If possible don’t wear underwear if just lounging at home, this will enable your genitals to breathe
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes, so your tummy is not being pressed and you are not constricted
  • When you go to the loo, wipe your bottom from front to back to prevent the spreading of bacteria
  • Don’t rush when going for a wee, try to fully empty your bladder
  • If you feel as though you have a bout of cystitis lurking, avoid having sex, if you do, have a shower or clean afterward to prevent bacteria from spreading 
  • Some people find having a wee before and after sex prevents a bout of cystitis
  • Sometimes spermicides, condoms, and lubricants can cause irritation, explore brands that have been tested and shown to not disrupt your vaginal pH as vaginal health directly impacts your risk of cystitis

Natural Cystitis Treatments Include 

  • Drink plenty of water and I mean a lot! The aim is to flush out the pathogens in your urethra
  • Hold a hot water bottle or heat pad onto your lower tummy, warmth often eases the pain
  • Have a warm bath but do not use a bubble bath and don’t wash your intimate parts with anything perfumed which can aggravate it
  • Keep a positive mindset as hard as that can be if you are in pain, remind yourself, you will be able to fight it, it will pass

Food and drinks to consume which can help alkalise your body and ease the symptoms include:

  • Pure coconut water
  • Cucumber
  • Parsley tea; steep fresh parsley leaves in boiling water and drink as a tea
  • Barley water; cook pearl barley as recommended on the packet, strain, reserving the water in a pan, add fresh lemon juice to taste, drink warm or cold
  • Mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in a large glass of water and drink
  • D Mannose pure powder, mixed with water as a drink

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