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Can You Poop With a Tampon In?

Can You Poop With a Tampon In?

Can You Poop With a Tampon In?

And more importantly, should you change your tampon after pooping?

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Sabrina Bezerra, Erin Rommel & Maria Papazova

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Sarah Montagu (NPs, SRH). Sarah is a highly-qualified sexual and reproductive health nurse with 15+ years of experience.


24th April 2024

Let's be honest: many of us know the struggle of the infamous period poops. As if you weren't already stuck in the bathroom long enough dealing with all the blood and muscle cramps, it's annoyingly common to experience constipation, diarrhoea, or a weird combination of the two during your period.

And, as a result of this, it's likely that most menstruators will at some point find themselves experiencing the awkward need to poo while wearing a tampon. Great.

First and foremost, we need to explain that pooping with a tampon inserted is absolutely possible. Your tampon and your poop are in completely different orifices, so in theory there's no issue there.

However, the real question is should you poop with a tampon in? And what might happen if you do? To answer these questions, we're going to need to take a closer look at the way the body works.

Illustration of a healthy vagina.

Your anatomy explained

Let's quickly recap how tampons work. Tampons are inserted into the vagina where they expand to soak up the "blood" – technically this menstrual fluid is a combination of blood and tissue from your uterus. This fluid moves from the uterus down through the cervix and into the vaginal canal where the tampon (or menstrual cup) soaks it up.

The urethra (which you use to urinate) and the anus (which you use to poo) are nearby but completely separate from the vaginal canal. This means that you can pee and poo while wearing a tampon.

Annoyingly, all these orifices are pretty close to each other down there, which can make it a little harder to stay hygienic. This is why people with vaginas are always advised to wipe from front to back when they use the toilet.

Is pooping with a tampon hygienic?

Here's the thing: while it's physically possible to poop while you wear a tampon, it's probably not a good idea for hygiene reasons. The tampon string hanging out of your vagina may get small amounts of bacteria on it from your stools, which can lead to risk of infection if left inserted. While issues like toxic shock syndrome are statistically very rare, it's just not worth the risk.

А tampon with blood on it.

So should you change your tampon when you poop?

We're going to have to say yes. Obviously it can be annoying if you've just put a fresh tampon in and suddenly you feel like you need to go, but the small risk of infection isn't worth it. Just remove your tampon, poop as normal, and then insert a brand new one.

Ultimately, it's recommended that you throw away your tampon every eight hours. So, changing your tampon when you use the toilet is usually a good idea.

Plus, straining to poop can accidentally push the tampon out of your vagina anyway. This is because pooping uses the pelvic floor muscles and the pressure from these can dislodge tampons in the vaginal canal.

What about changing your tampon when you pee?

Changing your tampon when you pee isn't quite as necessary, but it might still be a good idea. Many people believe the myth that urine is sterile, however, researchers have actually found low levels of bacteria in pee which means it is not sterile at all. With these low levels, the risk of infection is much smaller. Even so, many people don't like peeing on their tampon string and then continuing to wear it, so switching to a new one is often a good idea.

Daye's nude tampon.


In summary, while it's physically possible to poop while wearing tampons, it's probably not advisable from a hygiene and comfort perspective.

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